A New South Africa?

Well, I am going to come across as cynical here, but I do not buy into the “new South Africa” narrative our country has going on. In fact, I believe this whole “Rainbow Nation” feel-good slogan to be a complete and utter farce and, as such, have grown to detest it as well other terminology related to it (think “reconciliation”, “ubuntu” and so forth).

These terms, particularly “reconciliation”, imply the coming together of and compromising between two or more previously opposed factions. South African reality does not reflect this, though; rather, we see more concession on the part of black people while white people get to keep their apartheid spoils guilt-free. Instead of being institutionalised, “the new South Africa” is an idea used by happy-clappy, usually “colour-blind” (haha!) people to try and silence the grievances of the less-than-happy. Continue reading “A New South Africa?”